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Advanced Cam Unit Processing Breakthrough Innovation

5 features

1Adaptability to high speed press

Reliability by increased rigidity and durability testing
Distortion has been reduced by 40% compared to the conventional cam units by reviewing the basic design and optimizing the shape by using CAE. Rigidity has been greatly increased without increasing the size or changing the material. In addition, an impact absorbing structure suitable for servo press machines has been adopted. This allows the impact force generated when the press ascends to be controlled. Durability laboratory tests have been repeatedly conducted in our servo press machine to ensure safety and reliability.

Durability test with a servo press machine

2Cam width of 46mm, the smallest in its class

Reduction in size for space saving
46mm is the smallest in its class and this has been determined by minimizing the cam width so that a retainer having a shank diameter of h 13mm can be installed. The processing of adjacent cam piercing and installation in tight spaces are easily obtained. Even though the overall length of the cam is shortened, the working force, return force and stroke are equal or better in performance than the conventional cam units. This substantially reduces the area occupied by the cam unit in a die, thus downsizing the die and reducing the number of processes.

Cam width of 46mm has been achieved.

Compared to the conventional cam, the entire cam unit volume has been reduced by reducing the camwidth and overall length.

3Suitable for High Strength Steel

Prevention of sticking with increased return force
Prevention of sticking with increased return force To prevent cam from sticking on a panel, which is a problem in High Strength Steel processing, the return force has been increased by 33% compared to the conventional cam units in the coil spring type. In the gas spring type, the return force has been strengthened 10% more than the maximum working force. Moreover, coil and gas spring mounting configurations are interchangeable allowing for increased return force when required.

4Selectable stroke & light weight

Improvement in flexibility of die design and ease of use
For up to 72mm width, two types of strokes (short and long) can be set. The suitable stroke for an application can be selected, pad design can be made easier and improve die design flexibility. Moreover, considering various types of working conditions, a well-balanced design has been realized using CAD/CAE. While overall capability has been improved, the design has been optimized in areas where forces are not applied, resulting in lighter weight.

5Variation & interchangeability

Optimized cam unit selection that corresponds to various processes
Cam units for light to heavy loads are available with the same envelope and mounting configuration. The cam units are suitable for a wide variety of panel materials including mild steel, aluminum, and high strength steel. The optimum cam unit for processing conditions such as working force and return force can be selected from the wide-ranging of cam units offered. Furthermore, when the working force or return force changes, he cam units can easily be changed thanks to VALCAM interchangeability.

New cam widths added:200mm,300mm,and 400mm

The new widths cover larger areas. Piercing of multiple holes or trimming and piercing can be done at the same time.

Product Specifications

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Grade Cam
Working Force[kN(tonf)] Stroke Angle
(5-degree increment)
Spring Type Features Application
with conditions
46 22.1
Short 0°~80° VACWS46
Cast iron sliding

Compact size
Long 0°~50° VACWL46
58 27.9
Short 0°~80° VACWS58
Long 0°~50° VACWL58
46 22.1
Short 0°~80° VACSS46

Cost iron sliding
Long 0°~50° VACSL46
58 27.9
Short 0°~80° VACSS58
Long 0°~50° VACSL58
72 36.8
Short 0°~80° VACSS72
Long 0°~50° VACSL72
46 30.9
Short 0°~80° VACYS46

Copper alloy slinding


Trim ※Flange
Long 0°~50° VACYL46
58 42.6
Short 0°~80° VACYS58
Long 0°~50° VACYL58
72 60.3
Short 0°~80° VACYS72
Long 0°~50° VACYL72
100 86.7
- 0°~70° VACYL100
140 112.8
- 0°~70° VACYL140
200 - 164.6
- 0°~70° VACYL200
300 - 254.8
- 0°~70° VACYL300
400 - 294.0
- 0°~70° VACYL400
46 36.8
Short 0°~80° VACPS46

Copper alloy sliding

Uneven load

Long 0°~50° VACPL46
58 51.5
Short 0°~80° VACPS58
Long 0°~50° VACPL58
72 67.7
Short 0°~80° VACPS72
Long 0°~50° VACPL72
100 116.1
- 0°~70° VACPL100
140 159.3
- 0°~70° VACPL140
200 - 230.5
- 0°~70° VACPL200
300 - 356.7
- 0°~70° VACPL300
400 - 411.6
- 0°~70° VACPL400
46 49.0
- Short 0°~80° VACBS46

Uneven load

Trim ※Flange
Long 0°~50° VACBL46
58 68.6
- Short 0°~80° VACBS58
Long 0°~50° VACBL58
72 90.2
- Short 0°~80° VACBS72
Long 0°~50° VACBL72
  • Gas Spring
  • Coil Spring

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