≪VALCAM™≫Increase Up To 15% Working Force


VALCAM Pink and Black 46,58 and 72 seres have been refreshed using our SO#50SP8 to achieve our highest working force.
Without changing dimensions and applying SO#50SP8 to cam slide guide, we scuccessfully increased our woriking force by 15%.
our proprietary material SO#50SP8 has excellent wear resistance and is used in toggle mechanisms in the injection mold industry
under severe conditions that are required to endure ten milllion cycles.
VALCAM is the optimal solution for all press working operetions of ultra-high-tensile materials.

the renewed VALCAM Pink and Black series covers a greater range of working foce.
therefore it is not necessary to upgrade or select a bigger cam unit due to lack of working force, which contributes to samller and lighter press dies.VALCAM

Unchanging Piercing accurancy

If Cam Slide Guide wears, punch position will drop and interfere with the die button. This leads to panel defects such as burrs.
However, VALCAM Pink and Black 46,58 and 72 series keep the position even after one million cycles of Ultra-high-tensile materials.
SO#50SP8, which has excellent wear resistance, keeps highest degress of accurancy when piercing and prevents panel defects.



・ There are no changes on products size and catalogue numbers by the renewal
・ The new specification are effective from orders made on 22nd June 2023.

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