≪URESTRO™≫Weather-Resitant Urethane Spring

The URESTRO Urethane elastomer spring for press tool is a weather resistant material suitable for most conditions.
Ideal for repetitious compression applications, with Resitantce to high temperature and Humidity conditons,
Moreover, the prodcut withstands not only high impact loads, but also resistant to certain chemicals, Excelletn for pad pressure resisatance of press tools.

●Each prodcuts can be identified by colors.
Standard Urethane = Navy blue(USX,USA and USZL)
URESTRO™ series = Green       (USWX,USWA and USWZLK)

●The Durability
The durability in extreme enviroments with High stress levels or humidity has been significantly incresed compared to that of  the existing prodcuts

●The URESTRO series.
it can be easily substituted for existing products. the product dimensions have not altered and remiain the same as that of the existing produts.
However, please noted that the load deflection curve for that of non-URESTRO prodcuts can be different.

●Web Catalogue URL.
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